Allwyn wins the WorkForce Star Award!

In the past year Allwyn has collaborated with the Education and Workforce Committee of the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce to bridge the gap between students and business owners. We developed a new software product, Get A Job – a unique internship, volunteer and job matching tool that provides local allows local employers in the Dulles region to publish job openings for current and recently graduated high school and college students.  Applicants are encouraged to register and provide their areas of interest, skills and availability along with a resume so employers can contact them.  Allwyn’s work with the Chamber’s Education and Workforce Committee is helping the Dulles job community grow. The tool is unique as it is:

  • Local
  • Chamber Connected
  • Provides opportunity for jobseekers with limited professional work experience
  • Provides a program/tool for local academic institutions and other organizations

For our efforts in developing this tool, Allwyn was awarded the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Workforce Star 2016.  The award was presented by Steve Partridge, Vice President of the Northern Virginia Community College at the annual Stars Over Dulles Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, December 13th.

Our CEO, Madhu Garlanka was interviewed by Eileen Curtis, the President & CEO of Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce as a part of Circles of Influence program on HCTV early this year.

In the interview, Madhu talks about the progress that Allwyn has made since its inception in 2003 and our line of customized product development that includes Get A Job.

“…We have developed a lot of products… we work with entrepreneurs who have an idea and want to test out their idea in the market. So, we take that vision that they have and turn it into a real product”

You can see the full interview here..

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