ePurchasing Network

ePurchasing Network (ePN) is a cloud-based e-commerce solution built by Allwyn, that enables dealers and manufacturers of complex equipment launch an online store faster, provide their products more visibility and operate in a cost efficient way. The platform facilitates manufacturers of industrial equipment to give their dealers a customizable e-commerce platform, complete with their branding, product listing and custom pricing. No more outdated product catalogs, fluctuating pricing dynamics, ineffective manual ordering processes and time consuming training to sales teams to provide up-to-date product information to customers.

The platform allows them to manage their orders electronically and enables a higher level of accuracy in order placement and fulfillment processes. EPN is being built on RoR using Agile methodology for software development.

The platform is designed to be extremely user-friendly and requires no technical knowledge to maneuver. Through ePN, Allwyn has facilitated the client to meet their business objective of encouraging manufacturers and dealers to sell their products online in a hassle free manner.